History of Athletics West

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Some people curious when they get Nike Stuffs & saw the words “Athletics West” but they have no idea what it is, now I have the answer…

History of  “Athletics West”

With the Nike’sFor the athlete by the athletetheme, Nike’s 3rd Employee Geoff Holister & Legendary Coach Bill Bowerman formed “Athletics West” in 1977 at Oregon UniversityThis Running Club was The First Running Club to be sponsored. After the formation, Athletics West was ran by Nike’s Employee Nelson Farris & coached by Harry Johnson. The uniforms were directed by Geoff Holister. With the right people in the right spot the project “Athletics West” became the mecca of track and field. At 1984’s Los Angeles Olympics this project produced 8 Medalists

Nike Sportswear has a theme “For The Athletes by The Athletes“. With this theme Nike Sportswar always tried to optimize usability and technology. Athletics West was formed in 1977 and produced numerous medalists. Nike Sportswear is producing a high quality technical item with the concept of Athletics West

Nike Sportswear’s long history and numerous product line up has been always backed up by design innovation and technology. For this years Fall/Holiday Season, Nike focuses on the history of running which is the roots of the brand. From Bill Bowerman‘s innovation to legendary formation of the “Athletics West” in 1977, Nike’s design team just didn’t brought back the history they added today’s technologies and style an innovated the products. When looking at the running clubs around the world, we can see the change in the running industry. People who run occasionally were thought to be a conservative person but now they are the radicals with creativeness. They are not running just for the health, running has become a output of creativity and throughout out running, they are looking for a creative field. Running apparel’s style has lots do with history. When running, the item has to be clean and can’t interfere with the movement of running. This lead to simple silhouettes and designs. This season Nike Sportswear remade the most iconic item in running history. For the people who chooses Nike, the items needs to be fashionable and stylish. Nike’s items are not just running appear, so the designs were moderated and everything was balanced out. The main theme for the design team was to update the classic silhouette, design and technology. By putting in the technology Nike has offered, the special piece just became more special. For the runners who work in the creative field in the days and turns athlete in the night they updated the style and much needed technology…

Nike Sportswear Athletics West Debut

Now you know what Athletics West is…

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